The benefits of hiring the right copywriter cannot be overstated.

Doing so will save you time and money.

And you’ll know as an entrepreneur that both are indispensable to your success.

Wasting either, never mind both, can not only damage your business, but also put an end to it.

That being the case, it’s surprising how little thought seems to go into hiring the right copywriter.

What’s right?

So who is the right copywriter?

Well, the first thing that must be said is that there is no right answer.

It depends on your needs.

And this is where you have to spend some time thinking about what would be best for you.

The world of work – of management – taught us long ago that there was no such thing as best practice, for example.

That’s because there are a lot of ways to do the same thing, and which is best depends on the circumstances, the people involved, their abilities, the resources that are available, and an untold number of other things.

You can’t be prescriptive.

So it is with choosing a copywriter.

That said, there are some principles you can follow.


Look for a copywriter who can help you earn more money

In his book, 80/20 Sales and Marketing, Perry Marshall talks about the value of different tasks.

He refers to what he calls $100/hr work, $1000/hr work, $10K/hr work, and so on.

The sky is the limit for certain kinds of work.

Your core business – that’s the value that your customers pay you for – is your highest-value work.

It’s your highest-value work because when you do it, it changes lives.

The thing is that you’re doing well if you can do that work even as much as 20% of the time.

You spend the bulk of your time working on stuff that pays you a lot less.

When you hire the right copywriter, that person frees you from $100/hr work or $1000/hr work so that you can spend more of your time on $10K/hr or $100K/hr work.

This is not to say that you should charge by the hour.

You shouldn’t.

Instead you should charge for what you do and pay others for what they do on the basis of the value of the work itself, after all not everything is of equal value.

But, when you go back to see what the monetary value was of the work that you accomplished within a certain period of time, then you’re able to evaluate it in these terms.

So on the one hand, work should be considered on the basis of its inherent value to the customer, but on the other it helps you to “keep score.”

The point is that when you hire the right copywriter, you’re able to earn more in the time available to you than if you had to do all the writing yourself.


Look for a copywriter who can save you time

The reason that entrepreneurs like you subcontract work is because they can’t do it all themselves.

You may start out like that, but there will come a time when the things you really must do can’t be put off until it’s more convenient; where doing so will actually harm your business.

Marketing is one such activity.

It could be that you don’t need to market too much at the beginning because you already have a large contract in hand, and you’re too busy scrambling to fulfill it to worry about anything else.

No contract, however, lasts forever.

And that means that things like articles and posts and sales letters and email campaigns still have to be done, even if they’re not producing immediate results.

Such things become effective over time.

Just like farming, you can’t plant these seeds the night before the harvest.

Online especially, it takes time to establish your authority, to build up your content, and to create momentum.

There’s an old saying that¬†many hands make light work.

The right copywriter for you will do that; make the work that needs to be done lighter for you.


Look for a copywriter who can say what you mean

You also need to look for a copywriter that can say what you mean.

This may seem obvious, but it turns out that many things are after they’ve been stated; not before.

Think about the people who’ve had the greatest impact on the world.

Whether they were lovers of freedom or dictators, leaders of movements or sympathizers, the one thing that they were able to do was to capture the thoughts of the people and express them in a way that their supporters could understand.

What you might call the “ordinary”¬†people knew in their hearts what they felt, but they couldn’t put it into words.

It was only when someone came along who could that their energies were galvanized into a force that couldn’t be ignored.

Now the right copywriter will be able to do exactly the same thing for you.

There will be things in your mind – thoughts, ideas, concepts, visions of how to change the lives of your customers – that you may struggle to express in a way that will get the people you want to influence to take action.

You may be a brilliant consultant, for example, but find it difficult to create meaningful sentences and to write persuasive copy.

Those are the things that the right copywriter will be able to do for you.


These are just three things that a copywriter who is right for you can do.


Spend some time thinking about what writing you have to do that is worth $1000/hr or less, and then start looking for someone who can say what you mean.