Sales Letter Bundle

  • Sales letter
  • 20-page ebook
  • Initial 10 emails

Anytime you decide to sell a new information product, you also have to think about how you will peak the interest of your prospects, and then persuade them to buy it.

This is the benefit of the Sales Letter Bundle.

The sales letter has to persuade people that this new product will solve their problem better and faster than anything in the world.

Your free ebook has to be well-written and filled with solid information; after all, it’s a taster for what is in the main product.

The series of emails that you send to your list prior to the offer has to get your subscribers ready for the sales letter.

But the selling process doesn’t end there.

Additional email messages need to be sent after you make the offer.

The sales letter, the ebook, the email messages all have to work together.

If you have a new product or an idea for one, but don’t have the time or the desire to write all of the stuff that goes with it, then contact me.

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